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What is DPMS?

Defi Profits Made Simple teaches how to make a daily, passive & SUSTAINABLE income of up to 0.5% a day using DeCentralized Finance

(SIDE NOTE:  Bear in mind the average return with the Stock Market is 8% per year.  Real Estate is between 7 - 15% per year.  DeFi however generates up to 182.5% per year)

DPMS is for you if...

❌ You have made financial mis-steps in the past (who hasn't)
❌ You are not in the place in your life where you thought you would be
✅ You are open to thinking differently
✅ If you want a simple and step-by-step plan to make (up to) 0.5% a day online

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  • 100% Full Money Back Guarantee 
  • You are completely protected
  • If for whatever reason you want to refund, no problem 🚀
  • No hoops to jump through, no reasons to be given, no funny business!
  • A full 100% refund will be issued to your Credit/Debit/payment source


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~ Rachel, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

"...this course has been next level amazing...the simplicity, the breaking down..."

~ David, Arizona 🇺🇸

"Truly amazing!  I devoured every single piece of content!  I made my money back within a couple of weeks..."


~ Phil, Belfast, Ireland 🇮🇪

"This is by far the best course I’ve been through...by week 2 I was making a passive income"

~ Flavian, London, UK 🇬🇧

"I'm totally blown away.  It's been the best purchase of my life. I'm already earning..."


~ Sid, Florida, US 🇺🇸

"Chris is constantly exceeding expectations.  Within 2 weeks of starting the course, I was getting a passive income. Phenomenal..."

~ Shankar, Texas, US 🇺🇸

"This is amazing!  Chris walks you through everything step by step.  I've already made my money back many fold..."


"How To Make A Daily Passive Income with DeFi"🚀

You've got these fantastic gems to look forward to when you come on board:

  • Exclusive 61%% Discount (on this page only) 🎂🎈🎉
  • How to Earn a Daily Passive & SUSTAINABLE Income (of up to 0.5% a day) with DeFi  💖💖
  • Content is continually added to, with more protocols being taught over time
  • Exclusive Access the 'The PlayGround' which contains additional content, interviews, and exclusives
  • Live Member's Only Calls 
  • Access to DPMS AFFILIATE PROGRAM.  Earn $$$ per sale you refer
  • No Geek Speak, Tech Talk, or confusing babble.  Halleluiah
  • 100% Full Money Back Guarantee.

HEADLINE IS:  DPMS is your one-stop shop for learning, growing, and enjoying how to make a Daily Passive Income with DeFi.  



"How To Make A Daily Passive Income with DeFi"🚀

On this page you can find the recording of DeFi Profits Made Simple:   

What is Defi Profits Made Simple?

Right at this very moment, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for wealth creation knocking at our door.

It's called DeFi.

Getting schooled in Defi (Decentralized Finance) RIGHT NOW is one of the most potent moves you can make for your financial future. 👋

This new asset class is providing those who immerse themselves in this space with wealth-creation opportunities that are truly unprecedented.

It's time to go from financial stress to financial success...are you ready?

--- --- ---
If you've made financial missteps earlier in your life (and who hasn't?) - this is the second chance you have been looking for.

DeFi Profits Made Simple is your opportunity to discover firsthand, with no tech talk or geek speak, how to tap into this extraordinary opportunity we all have with DeFi.

DeFi Profits Made Simple will teach you how to make Daily Passive Income using DeFi.

All is explained in the presentation on this page.

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~ Moira, Edinburgh, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

"...I'm making money while in my dressing gown!  I love this course!  I highly recommend it..."

~ Terrance, Texas, US 🇺🇸

"...I learned a lot about how to make a passive daily income and I have got that up to around $100 a day..."


~ David, UK, 🇬🇧

"I was a total crypto sceptic...this is something that is going to benefit you for years and years..."

~ Maria, Arizona, US 🇺🇸

"I am earning daily income...thank you so much..."



~ Stal, London, UK 🇬🇧

"I didn't know anything about crypto...this course will make you money, it's excellent. Do it, do it, do it!"


~ Keith, Manchester, UK 🇬🇧

"I have tried hundreds of courses. Chris's course is incredible, if I can do this anyone can.  I have already made over $7000..."